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Current Industry Trend

Breakeven earlier on your Investment in solar energy

  • PV modules prices have dropped to as low as
    USDct/W in 2018
  • Payback period has shortened by 30% since 2015
  • Electricity cost savings will pay 5-fold for the PV system installation cost (over 25-year life span)

Featured Projects

We were proud to be part of each of these exciting projects

IKEA Tampines

IKEA is making a global push to decrease it global carbon footprint and promote a sustainable energy future. Over 3,700 solar panels were installed at IKEA Tampines. This system offsets over 30% of their electricity consumption.

3,700 panels, 990KWP system

Average System Cost:

$1 Mil - $1.2 MIl

1,280,000 kWh

Annual Generation:


Monthly Savings:

< 5 Years

Payback period:

Aloha Loyang Resort

Situated in the east of Singapore, over 130 solar panels are helping Aloha Loyang resorts to decrease its operating expenses and reduce its carbon footprint.

130 panels, 36KWP system

Average System Cost:

$55K - $70K

46,500 kWh

Annual Generation:


Monthly Savings:

~ 6-8 Years

Payback period:

DBS Asia Hub

DBS aims to use 100% renewable energy by 2030 for all its operations in Southeast Asia. Over 1,200 solar panels were installed to supply more than 40% of DBS Asia Hub's energy needs.

1,200 panels, 386KWP system

Average System Cost:

$475K - $550K

498,000 kWh

Annual Generation:


Monthly Savings:

~ 5-6 Years

Payback period:

We can help you with any queries you may have

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